Editor’s Note

Black women's magazine

Decemeber 2023

We are proud of this issue of NOTABLE! From the cover story with Danielle Miller who is turning heartbreak into a power move to our interview with Ansa Edim who talks about her website, Blacklist where folks can tell on their discriminatory employers and warn others of workplace abuse. And of course, Amanda Willoughby and Jessica Chaney are taking the film world by storm with their documentary, "I AM", that shares Black women's stories about anxiety.

All three of these stories together with the others are about Black women taking their power and writing their own stories without looking back. That's what makes us amazing in our careers, we move forward and look into the future, but we have to take care of personal business along the way.

We have to look the part, learn to eat in a way that keeps us healthy and make time for love (if that's what we desire). We need a plan to occupy seats on boards to change the way these businesses work, and how they treat us.  We need to take vacations,  figure out how to parent in a way that lessens stress in our lives and of course, plan for our retirement.

The workplace can be harmful for Black women. After all of the sacrifices and 40 or so years of working, we look forward to retirement where we imagine finally sitting down and enjoying our lives, but the truth is many of us retire into poverty.

This issue is heavy on retirement because we know conversations about finance are not commonplace in many of our households. We want to open up communication around money and our future. We give so much to companies, organizations and our own businesses and we deserve a life of unimaginable joy.

So, if you take nothing else from this issue of NOTABLE, start talking about and planning for your future.

We see you, and we LOVE what we see! Cheers to your NOTABLE careers!


- Raslyn C. Wooten