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professional Black women

Notable is a career-lifestyle magazine dedicated to celebrating, uplifting, and supporting Black women through their full career cycle.

Correspondingly, Our Target audience is Black women. It is in our language, tells our truths, highlights all that we do to keep businesses thriving, and trends setting.

Additionally, coverage includes career accomplishments, unique experiences, tips, and professional guides regarding achievement, roadblocks, finances, health, fashion, beauty, and resources.

In fact, like the women it serves, Notable is intelligent, direct, colorful, daring, clever, honest, and full of life. Not to mention, ahead of trends, insightful, beautiful, and multifaceted.

Our subject matter experts are a majority of Black women who share factual data, personal insights, and professional experiences.  Coupled with recommendations to empower other Black women in the workplace.

Black women deserve a place where we are recognized for our achievements. Furthermore, since this magazine is for us, we want to ensure that it sends the message to Black women that everything we are and continue to do is worthy and deserving of praise – it is notable.

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