Dripping blue: tips for incorporating the color into every day style.

Our color experts spoke and Blue is the color for our first issue of Notable because it communicates trustworthiness, reliability and honesty. It’s also considered the best color to wear when you are looking to get hired or promoted.

Raven DuBois, stylist for executives and influencers, put together a blue style edit to give us you one last thing to think about as you navigate the workplace and your social lives.

“Adding a pop of blue to your outfit can be as easy as wearing your favorite denim skirt this summer. Pair different shades of blue with neutrals like white or beige. Try pairing various shades of blue together for a monochromatic look, and never be afraid to wear blue with black for a night out.”

Raven DuBois, Sylist
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Raslyn C. Wooten

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